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Pursuing a passion and your dreams is not only a difficult thing but it’s a scary thing as well. I have always wanted to have no regrets in finding my niche` and going all in for what I love to do, and that’s clothing & retail! Helping people find things that make them feel good about themselves inside and out makes me feel accomplished and driven.

My Story

While this is fun and exciting, it’s also work.  Nothing comes without hard work, dedication and perseverance.  I have been extremely blessed with what LuLaRoe has done for me and my family and it has helped me to continue the legacy of Franci B by creating Franci B Mobile Boutique that will be in driveways, events and festivals all over Gaston County and surrounding area. As I tell my students pursue your dream, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.



Meet the Owner

I graduated from WCU with a BSBA in Business and Marketing.  After college I managed numerous retail stores and boutiques for years until I decided one day to open my own store. The passion for retail and the customers is what drove me to open Franci B Children’s Boutique. This was a challenging experience that I learned so much from! After many wonderful years I decided to move on to another career of teaching business and entrepreneurship to high school seniors who were interested in perusing the same dreams I had.  I thought I could make a huge difference in the students’ lives by giving them to drive and motivation to do what they love! I have now been teaching at Bessemer City High School for 4 years.

I starting missing the sales and the passion of what I have done my entire life, when 5 months ago I decided to start selling LuLaRoe clothing line on the side, to dabble back into the retail market.  My sales started out huge from the beginning. I never really had a chance to breathe, they were beyond what I had expected. After several months I saw a mobile boutique from another state and immediately decided this was a fabulous idea for my area and would be great for selling LuLaRoe!

I found a truck, designed a business plan, and had the inside and outside remodeled within a shocking 3-month period. What would have taken over a year to complete, took less than 3 months. With so much support and help from my family I was able to expedite the process and get this fashion truck on the road to make women and kids feel beautiful! I decided to re-use the name Franci B, (which is my first name and middle initial), since the children’s boutique was so successful it was time to bring it back in a slightly different fashion, MOBILE!

Ms. Queens’ Business and Entrepreneurship Class at BCHS


Brooke Queen


Franci B Mobile Boutique can be at an event near you or your driveway.

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